Startup Labs

Growing the next generation
of Web3 leaders

We look Tech & Hustler Teams to be the first partner to their Web3 ideas and support them with expertise through our strategic partnerships and our top-tier network

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Startup Labs are a series of Labs focused on development Web3 ideas with strategic partners from the idea stage to MVP in Beta version following our hands-on and customised program.

We have designed a distinctive solution that considers the challenges, own pace and character of each individual team rather than “one-size fits all” approach.

Whom is this program for?


who have an idea suited for Web3 development

Web3 Builders

started to build in Web3 but need expertise and access to network

Web2 Founders

who have a startup in Web2 and wants to move it to Web3

What can you expect?

  • Launch your Web3 startup leveraging real experience of experts and partners.

  • Personalised approach to your team's character, skills, and challenges

  • Startup progress tracking and accountability

  • Opportunity to be invested by Vis Caeli and become a portfolio company

  • Top-tier networking of Experts, Founders and Investors

  • Find team members, interact with other founders through our community

Coming Soon in 2023


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