From an Idea to Seed
We support founders building blockchain infrastructure and B2B.

Our collective track record

in deals closed
years in Venture Capital
businesses launched
years in product and sales

Our Value

We are reducing the risks of failure by providing market know-how, warm intros to our network of top-tier investors in Europe and USA.

Faster and Smarter Launch

We act as a co-founder and provide capital up to $100k and support in business and technical expertise, applying repeatable processes that proved to lead to success stories.

Investors Network

We partnered up with top-tier investors in Europe and USA investing in Web3 space, while we have a pool of active business angels.

Talent Community

We created a support system of alike people allowing to get early feedback, and we provide human capital through our pool of Tech Talents in Web3 space.

We are looking for

  1. Teams with a product at early stage of development
  2. Differentiated value proposition and high scalability
  3. Our primary interests in Web3: infrastructure, tooling, B2B business models



is a deep-tech startup that offers a developer platform for creating conscious AI for immersive realities that would allow more engagement and personalised approach. The technology can bring to life different avatars in Metaverses and help game developers integrate their own conversational AI bots.

The startup is led by Aliya Grig, top-100 female entrepreneurs in AI and Big Data in post-soviet region

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